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    If you contact an admin about a rule breaking and get no response, it's usually because you provided NO evidence. Please include evidence in the original PM or sumbit a ticket and a brief summary of the events. Simply messaging an admin via PM, Ticket system or similar will be ignored. The format for this would be: Your Player Name/ Your tribe name/ Message/ Information and people who you are filing the report against. Their Tribe name, players involved and any other evidence/claims against the players and/or tribe. Rules CAN be added and/or changed/altered at ANY time. Be sure to check the rules constantly to ensure that all rules are being followed. It is the PLAYERS responsibility to check the rules, you may be given a warning. If you are unsatisfied with the action taken for breaking rules, do NOT message the admin disrespecfully. This will make the punishment more severe. The admins do not work for you and work hard to keep the server running smooth. Repeated attacks on fresh spawns WILL get you banned without notice.


    1:Farming new players on the beach or camping them repeatedly will get you banned without notice. 2:Raiding the same tribe repeatedly within a 24 hour time period can get you wiped without notice. 3:Admins are human just like you. Respect them and their decisions, if you don't like their decisions or explanations, DON'T blame them or you WILL get yourself banned. BUILD RULES:
    1: Each tribe can build two bases. This includes ALL dino pens.OUTDATED Will be replace with structure limite
    2: Dont build in:Rich resource areas / Obelisks / Player Spawn / The Underworld on The Center map / Surface Entrance on Aberration/ Caves or areas with loot crates and/or artifacts, even if there are multiple entrances.(edited)
    3: Don't block farming spots with turrets while farming or while taming.
    4: Don't spam structures all around the map or turrets.
    5: Maximum 500 structure spam around your base/pens.Build turrets towers or FOBs instead.
    6: Trapped teleporters are forbidden, Don't put teleporters on public to trap and kill people.

    1: Do not spam structures during a raid, structure spam is not when someone put 5 or 10 foundation to prevent you from pushing but when someone is running naked with 100 foundation and spamming them everywhere, this IS spam.
    2: Do not be a jerk, don't build fobs just to prevent people from building up.
    3: Don't use any bug/exploit, like frige spoil , vault or platform.
    4: Do not stream snipe, any streamer on the server should have the opportunity to play without been stalked, if you get stream sniped please give me proof,there won't be any reaction from me without it. CHEAT AND HACKS
    1: Do not use any form of hacking or cheating on the server or you WILL be banned.
    2: Do not come crying to the admin about cheaters or hacks unless you have proof of the situation.
    3: Aimbot is not supposed to work on the server. Admins do not have a command/cheat to find aimbotters. So please, if you do not have proof about the situation, do not cry and waste my time.
    4: Don't accuse people of cheating or hacking without proof in the global chat.

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