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    Im not going to lie its bad really bad, Im doing my best to not wipe the server but the populations is low too mush low I prefer to announce it now and give all of you timeto try new thing or take risk
    Servers are going to wipe next Friday 15 Feb at 5PM GMT +1
    Why wipe ?
    - Population too low
    - Map so big, so people dont find each other and dont pvp
    - I did some mistake this season but i hope that i learned from my mistake
    Whats New for next season ?
    - New map 3x3 : 9 Maps, 2 FreePort, 1 Maps for Boss sor only 6 Maps to build to make pvp a real things and not make people play 24/7 PVE
    - Orp is a thing and will not be removed from the server, it will probably replace by the custom one if we can make it working before the wipe
    - New mods : New structures Mod, Deco Mods.
    - Fixing a Wipe cycle to 1 months
    New server Machines
    Since the map size will be reduce im going to switch to a new machine with less core but more CPU clock So Each machine will have 4 and 5 maps
    New plugins
    - Im going to add some new private plugins but will not give any informations about them for the moment regarding to the number of copy cats everywhere But does plugins are going to be to add contenent ingame nothing for sell nothing for the shop only to improve player experience and give more contenent


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